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Matthew Cowles

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 I am a self taught artist working in oil paints, and my main areas that I work within include still life paintings of flowers as well as landscapes. My work is done entirely through the thick application of oils utilizing only a palette knife. Working in this manner allows me to try and capture the physicality of nature through the layers I apply, scrape through, and then cover again. I don't see nature as flat and attempt to depict that in the manner that I create my paintings



Matthew Cowles is a self taught Oil painter who works almost exclusively via palette knife. Upon completion Of college Matthew embarked on a decade long stint in corporate America, followed by a few years Of teaching within The Springfield Public Schools. Upon the birth Of his daughter he became a stay at home father who found time to paint late into the night. This return to art, having previously stopped upon the completion Of high school, finds Matthew exploring still life and landscape Oil paintings that blur the lines between Impressionism and Abstraction.

In my collection Of work I am drawing upon the physicality Of nature, specifically flowers and local landscapes, and attempting to present them in an almost tactile manner. Working with thickly applied Oils I scrape, reapply, and layer again to create an image that captures the structures Of nature in various settings. Utilizing only a palette knife I create gestures large and small to represent and express how I view a nature in still life Or within a landscape.

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