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I am a tinkerer. As a sculptor, I make machines that focus on energy: kinetic, potential, radical, and extreme, with their purpose being narrative, and emotional. The work maintains a point of view of a mad scientist / artist whose imagination aspires to the absurd in depth and commitment in the creation of the works.  The works are self-referential and windows into my imagination, oftentimes implying a larger narrative of the maker and audience.  They are absurd however, and exist only for themselves and the imagination of the audience. The audience is invited to participate where they have permission to play and perhaps reconsider the role of imagination in their perception of the physical world. 


I want my work to elicit sensations of joy and wonder from the viewer. I make art that is expansive and joyous while maintaining a high caliber of criticality and craftsmanship.  I want the viewer to be as enthusiastically engaged with my forms, materials, color palette, and attachment strategies as I was as a child reassembling my brother’s RC cars into functionless robots; an openness that’s equally wondrous and intelligent. 

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