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Summer Program

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About the Program

The mission of Meeshka’s Freedom Art Summer Program is to give young artists, ages 7-15, the space and freedom to cultivate their own unique artistic style. Students are given an opportunity to learn foundational principles and elements of art, while being guided in ways to talk about artwork, in a meaningful way. Students experience what it’s like to work in a studio space and share that space and materials with others. They learn how to use materials without wasting and how to be respectful of others artwork, space, and ideas. Every week we discuss and implement our “Artist at Work” guidelines to ensure that everyone gets the most from their time in the program.

Attitude is everything…stay positive!
Respect each other, each other’s art, and ideas.
Try your best, because effort matters!
It’s okay to fail. Fail stands for, First Attempt in Learning.
Spic & span is how we keep our studio space.
Take care of your tools and don’t waste materials.

A little goes a long way.
Think…because you have great ideas!

Walk away from your art when you need a break.
Open your mind to new ideas.
Remember there are no stupid questions or ideas.
Kindness overcomes all obstacles!

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