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Nancy Evans

The Happy Weaver Studio
Door 19, Studio 320



I am the owner of The Happy Weaver Studio which I started in 2018.  I have been weaving since 1979 when I bought an inkle loom for weaving narrow bands.  Shortly thereafter, I purchased a small frame loom for weaving tapestries.  I have since purchased two modern floor looms suitable for scarves, towels, napkins, and yardage for garments.  I have been privileged to have been given two floor looms from the 1930s-1940s suitable for weaving rag rugs.  I still have a love of weaving narrow bands, and I have learned tablet-weaving which offers a wider variety of patterns.


I have volunteered as a weaving teacher for two area nonprofit programs: one group wove cotton towels, rayon chenille scarves, and narrow bands, while the other wove rag rugs using strips cut from T-shirts.  One of my former students comes to the studio with me and weaves rag rugs on one of the donated looms, a Union Special manufactured in Boonville, New York.

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