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Welcome to the Naked Turtle Studio.

Although the name and studio are new, it's been 50 years in the making. Since my first visit to Provincetown, MA, it's been a childhood dream of mine to someday have my own studio. I may have taken a roundabout way of getting here, but I finally arrived. 

R. Tata 2004...

For me, making art is the equivalent to making love; they are both born of passion. When drawing or painting, I feel every muscle, every curve, and every line that I put down on the paper and canvas. It is precisely this feeling I'm trying to convey to the viewer through my artwork.


Though some may find my work indecent or offensive, I hope you will enjoy the artistic content of my work.


The way I see it is, if thousands of people can flock to New England in the fall to witness God's handiwork, why should the human body, God's greatness creation, deserve any less appreciation.

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